I might even skip a meal sometimes but snacks are a must and isn't an option but most of the time tasty and healthy doesn't fall on the same page; just in case they did who wouldn't be happy? Snackexperts delivers a range of healthy !!

                                         "-Divya Srini"



 The combination of sweet and salty always send people until a tizz. It's totally therapeutic doze of health and mind. The goodness of both cashew which I consider a superfood high in numerous vitamins and minerals. Honey does a wonderful job to your mind and body too. So just binge on these healthy snacks and order them from Snaackexperts.  




Coconut & watermelon iced tea+ Honey Roasted   Cashew. Relaxed evening calls for chilled iced tea   and dry snack for which these cashews are perfect.   I loved the overpowering taste of coconut water with mild watermelon and snacks. So refreshing and soothing.

                                         "-Missy Life"



 Don't be Hangry - Try these amazing healthy snacking options from Snackexperts. Yesterday I received this Snack box from them with 3 healthy types of snacks: Honey Roasted Cashew - I just love cashew so I was delighted to see this pack. These are lightly roasted cashews mixed with yellow     mustard, chilli flakes, salt & honey. It's slightly sticky to touch but absolutely    delicious. The flavors are just right, not too sweet or salty. Though I do think the chilli flakes should be a little less considering it's a healthy snack. Nevertheless, it's amazing. Got 2 packs of these. Chocolate Brownie - Another fave and this one is guilt free as it is made out of wheatflour and jaggery. It does have eggs so if you don't eat them keep that in mind. Quite good, not too dry like the other cakes you get in the market. And yummy too. p.s I have almost finished one pack, got two of these as well. Chana Mix - simple roasted chana with a curry leaves and chilli powder seasoning. The Chana are lightly crisp and flavored nicely, though again I found it a bit spicy. You can make a nice chana chat out of these by adding onions, tomatoes and raw mango. Lip-smacking!! 




This monsoon season we need to eat fresh as well as satisfy our insatiable need for taste! Presenting you a range of premium healthy snacks from Snackexperts making our cravings just a little more crazier.




Thanks Snackexperts for sending me the best snacks ever. They are so tasty as well as healthy. The box of snacks is a heaven for all those who are foodies out there. Its a good time pass as well as hunger killer in busy schedule of Delhi metro.



Noor Baweja

  Being the snack obsessive that I am, I was most interested in testing out the bigger and broader options in healthy snacking and Snackexperts have the best ones. They have got a mix of sweet, salty, crunchy, healthy and indulgent snack packs. So go on and order a box or two for yourself and for this festive season's gifting purpose 


                                         "-Noor Baweja"

Neha Bhatt

 Thank you Snackexperts for again sending me a snack box full of five nutritious, healthy and delicious snacks!! So, guys next time onwards when you get too hungry between meals, try nutrient-rich snacks from Snackexperts. TVery delicious healthy crispies and indeed makes for a perfect tea time snack!! .  


                                         "-Neha Bhatt"


 We all love subscription boxes don't we? But what i love more is food (snacks) what's about both of them coming together. heard it right. Snackexperts has combined both of my favourite things snacks and subscription box together. Couldn't be more happy.

                                         "-Neha Kumari"


 Healthy Snacking Unleashed!Snackexperts brings you 50 varieties of healthy munchies, a teatime savoury snack to be enjoyed for those between the meal hunger pangs. They are one of the health enthusiasts must-try healthy, crispy and fresh snacks. It is truly brilliant in concept. It is made with whole food ingredients such as nuts and dried fruits and seasones perfectly with spices. It is a concentrated vegan whole foods nutrition in its purest form. Dig into a pack and indulge into a great mix and balance of spices blended in with the fresh, crisp and best quality ingredients. It is one simple solution to your daily hunt for different and delicious snacks.

                                         "-Nabeela Khoja"


  Thanks a lot to the team of Snackexperts for sending across this box full of amazing and healthy snacks! The snacks inside are freshly made and have an expiry date of less than 30 days or so. That means you get everything fresh and hygienic altogether.

                                         "-Mehak Anand"


  If losing weight is your goal, you must have some self-control. If that ain't your thing then grab a pack of Snackexperts. Serving delicious, super healthy and low-calorie munchings that makes dieting more a habit than a restriction. Easy to pack snack while on the go/travel. So next time when you're craving, remember you wanna stay good looking with Snackexperts

                                         "-Mahip khaturia"


My snackbox from Snackexperts. Yummy healthy snacks alternative for that binge eating habit. A must try! Easy, hassel free, delivered at your doorstep; one site to satisfy your cravings.  

                                         "-Ipsa Gupta"


Despite my penchant for eating new cuisines, I'm actually a gym rat. I never skip my workout schedules, consistently finding time for sweat sessions at least 3 times a week! Considering all the hard work I still put into exercising, I am quite conscious about the things I eat. Believing in the concept of moderation, I've never really partaken in any diet trends or health food fads until I got to know about Snackexperts! Snackexperts is one of a kind which is deliciously healthy. Stay healthy! Eat healthy!

                                         "-Erum Zahera"


Snackexperts- Snack like an expert! When you start eating food with Snackexpert labels, you no longer need to count calories. Start this Diwali by gifting your loved ones a healthy treat. Healthy edibles are something that one should be concerned about, realizing what you intake is good or bad for your body? Is it rich in nutrition?Maybe or a definite maybe? Health has been a keen focus in these products. Here are some neatly crafted sets of healthy snacks brought to you by Snackexperts introduced by a team of juveniles working and researching on agricultural technology.




Snackexperts brings you the healthiest way to snack. Though the world-wide dining has evolved from the old customs into 'three square meals a day' in the 20th century. Between meal noshing supplies can't simply be ignored, taking up one-quarter of the total calorie intake, snacks are now the fourth meal.

                                         "-Asmita Biswas"



Started my morning with this Old Fashioned Nut Mix by Snackexperts. It has Roasted peanuts, Pepper Cashews, Almonds and Walnuts in it. I'm loving my healthy snacking. Grab yours.