Our Health Promise 

  • No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.
  • Nutritionist approved.
  • Portion controlled pouches.

What makes us Pick out

  • To create, prepare and serve great, full-flavoured, healthy snacks that has a beginning, middle and finish to every bite was there in our mind.
  • We strive for effective, uncompromised, genuine, fabulous, caring and exceptional service (as close to perfect as possible).
  • We offer something for everyone, from tempting chocolate brownies to satisfy your sweet tooth to delicious cookies that can be the better companion for your family’s tea time.

Our Core Values

  • We provide a caring, free-spirited, diverse place to work.
  • We are excited about building strong relationships with everyone we interact with: our customers, our community and our suppliers.
  • We communicate adequately – with our customers and within our organization.
  • We are the strong believers of betterment and fulfillment is the result of constant learning.
  • We believe joy & optimism are the key components of experiencing a rich life and strive to put genuine smiles on the faces of those we serve.


Pouches of snacks served daily


Tonnes of Snacks Supplied


Loyal Institutional Customer


Innovative Varieties

Healthy Snacking Unleashed

HERE's our story

We started experimenting with our own snack creations and the concept of snackexperts was born.

We delivered our first snack box through courier, literally carrying them to the courier office ourselves and sending them one by one!

We set up our super cool office at Chennai and started sending snackexperts boxes to guilt-free snackers.

We reached corporate snackers to help them for their better productivity and Happiness.

We nearly burst with excitement when we reached 1000 happy members.

You can't stop the snack express! We are exploring... Next stop, the mars!

The people that

Made us possible

Arul Murugan

CEO of Snackexperts

Arul co-founded Snackexperts, after worked in food processing he picked direction based on the best available information and evangelizing the vision of Snackexperts to stakeholders ; meaning he is pretty much  glued to thinking and sharing part of Snackexperts. Being an excel lover and cheerful co-worker, he makes sure each process align with the vision and culture of the company.

Arun Prakash

Co-Founder of Snackexperts

It is not every energy professional  who can seamlessly shift gears to help through the lead through the choas while implementing healthy snacking habits. When he’s not pitching healthy snacks, Arun is normally taking advantage of Chennai's outdoors – either on a bike or just his running shoes. He is constantly filled with random ideas about changing the world.

Mary Shamla

Co-Founder of Snackexperts

Mary Shamla  has a wide experience in creating sustainable business practices to facilitate successful customer /partner relationships. She is an engineering graduate with a post graduate diploma in Finance who gives best expert ideas on Product Development. Loves cute and quirky stuffs.