Snackid -veg box

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Your Snackid Box Contains any 30 of the below listed box

1.chocolate flapjack

2.Almond & Cinnamon flapjack

3.Original Seed flapjack

4.Ragi Ladoo

5.Urad dal Ladoo

6.Strawberry Smoothie

7.Golden  Raisins

 8.Island Pineapple

9.Garden Apricot 

10.Papaya Punch

11.Country Amla

12.Kiwi Slices

13.Kiwi Amla Bonanza

14.Guava Candy

15.Cherry Tomato

16.Tangy Blend

17.Triberry Medley

18.Dried Figs

19.Nutty Port


21.Honey Roasted Cashew

22.Old Fashionated nut Mix

23.Figgy chips & nuts

24.Salted almonds

25.Salted Pistachios

26.Salted Peanuts

27.Sweet Bengal Gram

28.Spicy Bengal Gram

29.Foxtail Millet  Twist

30.Red Rice Crispies

31.Kodomillet Crispies

32.Channa Mix

33.Brain Tracker

34.Kodomillet Cookies

35.Multigrain Cookies

36.Barnyard Cookies

37.Banana Choco Chip Cookies

38.Pepper Salt Cookies

39.Salt Mint Cookies

*Each Product Contains 25g -50g